How Did Cryolipolysis Start Bispham?

Cryolipolysis is a method of getting rid of unwanted fat.

It works by damaging unwanted fat cells leading to them to die and become eradicated from the body naturally.

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About Cryolipolysis Bispham



Cryolipolysis Lipo Sculpt Bispham body fat freezing treatment is not like liposuction because it does not target large amounts of unwanted fat at one time but targets specific areas of the body.

It finally offers hope to individuals with little, unwanted extra fat deposits which can be difficult to budge with diet and exercise and who don’t want to undertake evasive liposuction therapy.

The technique Lipo Sculpt Bispham use is most widely used among both men and women of all ages looking for something to remove their stomach fat or saggy chin!



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This method Lipo Sculpt Bispham use is also known as cool sculpting and was found by two extremely clever Harvard professors who by accident came across it by chance when they realised that toddlers provided with ice pop shed unwanted fat cells inside their cheeks.

They recognised the cold temperature was responsible and began to investigate it.

The process has been readily available for the US and UK since early 2010, and it’s been growing VERY POPULAR in the UK ever since. 

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The procedure is cost-effective when compared with the cost of liposuction. The fantastic thing about the Cryolipolysis body fat freezing treatment from Lipo Sculpt Bispham is it’s not invasive.

You’ll find no incisions made; the treatment is not unpleasant and the only side effects are temporary redness and numbness afterwards. 

Lipo Sculpt Bispham targets subcutaneous fat, the unwanted fat stored immediately beneath the skin.

According to researchers, the method may result in a loss of 20-35% of body fat in the targeted area.

The equipment - Cryolipolysis Bispham

What is Fat freezing Bispham

The Cryolipolysis Lipo Sculpt Bispham equipment is like an extremely solid vacuum containing a refrigeration device.

A protective gel patch is applied to the specified location adopted through the device which reduces the temperature of the excess fat in that space.

This brings about the unwanted fat cells to be damaged and slowly die over the following 6-12 weeks.

Dead fat cells are flushed out by of the body naturally.

Therefore if you need to eliminate your love handles or that muffin top, choose Lipo Sculpt and Cryolipolysis for excess fat freezing Bispham to achieve the body of your dreams.

what are the options?

For many of us, we are getting more serious about making our bodies slimmer by undergoing all sorts of natural and medical treatments we typically find in magazines or the internet.

Hospital-based surgery is still prevalent among people who want to lose weight quickly. But understanding their differences will help you determine which suits you best both for your budget but also your lifestyle etc. Here is the range of types of non-surgical systems and treatments available.

Radiofrequency or RF as it’s known as is among the latest weight loss technologies available. How it works is by delivering a certain amount of energy to the target area.

Very controlled amounts of heat deep within the fat cells to destroy them. Not the best way for losing deeper or larger areas of fat but It also tightens your skin using energy that targets collagen so great for toning. This treatment has zero downtime, which means you can resume your lifestyle within minutes of finishing the RF treatment.

Another option for weight loss is Ultrasound it’s a non-surgical treatment that uses high-intensity sound waves to destroy fat cells but only really works for toning so limited where it would work best. The energy it produces penetrates the skin layers and targets the fat cells without damaging any other tissues. It’s completely not evasive.

Fat freezing (Cryolipolysis) is an excellent treatment for removal of the excess fat from targeted areas of the body. Fat cells react to colder temperatures than any other types of skin cells.

Cosmetic surgeons across the world use fat freezing (Cryolipolysis) to freeze and gradually dissolve the lipids in the fat cells without any damage to the surrounding tissues. The results can be visible after 3 to 12 weeks post-treatment.

Excess fat forms because of the types and quantities of the food we eat and the lifestyle we have.

Daily  eating OF excessive fatty foods or carbs, but not doing enough exercise to reduce them. That fat will grow, and the problem may get worse if you leave for the too long the result will be you get fatter.

By undertaking regular exercise and non-surgical fat reduction treatments are safe and effective ways to lose weight.

Fat Freezing treatments are more affordable than invasive surgeries because there is no need for an operation. They require no downtimes so that you can go back to your everyday routine immediately after every treatment.

Regular exercise is still an effective way to achieve a slimmer body, and it offers many other health benefits as well, but you can still go for non-invasive treatments if you want to eliminate your body fat and target stubborn fat.

  • Don’t want to change your diet but still want a slimmer body?
  • Don’t want to exercise but still want to lose fat?
  • Doesn’t want restrictions on what to eat and don’t like to wait for too long to have that perfect body?

Lipo Sculpt UK, also called fat freezing (Cryolipolysis), is an innovative treatment designed for where fat cells are crystallised to get rid of the unwanted fat cells it kills them. After 4-12 weeks these frozen fat cells eventually die and are lost through your natural metabolic process.

A Lipo head unit is located in an area where you want to eliminate the flabby areas. Treatments take 30 minutes to 1 hour to perform the whole procedure.

Fat Freezing gently targets fat cells under your skin and freezes them to create a trauma so the body can release the unwanted fat cells from them.

Also, this process is non-surgical which means that no incisions are needed. The customer can do other things like reading, using their mobile phones, work on their laptop, listen to music, etc. during the procedure.

Better than the rest, Lipo Sculpt UK does not inflict pain on you but at the same time, can give you the body you’ve always wanted. Here is the list of benefits:

When choosing Lipo Sculpt UK, we are dedicated to serving our client needs with safety. If you have further inquiries concerning Lipo Sculpt UK contact us

Newer technologies promote painless procedures. Lipo Sculpt UK is a better way to eliminate fats from the body compared to other systems that require incision and the like. Also, the results of this process are long-lasting. The clever thing is the process is so natural and your body does all the clever work!

Wanting to look slimmer? – you may choose to go through Lipo Sculpt UK and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You needn’t be. Yes, the fat cells are frozen, but an antifreeze pad is placed on the area that’s why only the fat cells are affected, and there’s no damage to your skin or nerve tissues.